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Squishable Mini Comfort Food Gingerbread Man:


Queen Elizabeth the first! Apparently she was also the first to give out Gingerbread Men in her royal court. Perhaps Elizabeth understood that to be a good monarch, sometimes you just have to bite off a few heads. And arms. And torsos. And actually these things are delicious.Chances are that you don't have an empire to defend! That's why it's a good thing this Gingerbread Man is not trained in the ways of revolution or espionage! Those peepers are for binge-watching, not surveillance! Those arms aren't for skulduggery, they're for warm-huggery! So hug a Gingerbread Man!


4(w) x 8(d) x 10(h) inches. Polyester fiber

Ages 0 and up

Squishable Mini Comfort Food Gingerbread Man

Excluding Sales Tax
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